Can pop help you lose weight? One Japanese variety of Pepsi Cola says it can. But don't rush to Tokyo for a six-pack just yet.

Pepsi Special went on sale yesterday across Japan. The soda's weight-loss secret? Dextrin. The new drink is infused with the fiber, said to encourage weight loss. But a few voices are saying not to believe the hype just yet.

Here's ABC News's take on the new drink:

As the video notes, Science is a little suspicious of the new pop's claims. And even if it wasn't, the US's Food And Drug Administration watches product claims very closely. Unless the alleged benefits turn out to be true, the FDA would stop their use in advertising. Throw them out, and you've got a diet soda. And we've got a lot of those around here already.

Then again, it's perfectly legal to dream. If there were a brand of pop [or other product] that was shown to aid in weight loss, even at the risk of extra bathroom visits, would you be interested?Weigh in on the question, here or on our Facebook page.