I'm not always good at staying in touch with people from my past. Just this past weekend, our Facebook page reconnected me with a whole segment of my life. It was, to put it mildly, a big surprise.

When I came in Monday morning, I found I'd gotten a message through The New 96.1/Joy-FM's Facebook page. It was from a college-era friend [I won't say when I went to school, but it was before the Internet]. She'd tried to reach me last year through Facebook, but for whatever reason, we didn't connect 'till this new message.

It was good to hear from this family. I'd been very close to her and her husband at one time [even being a godfather to one of their two kids], but, as sometimes happens, the connections faded. I thought about them, and everyone I'd know in college. But it never occurred to me to look for any of them on line.

Most of the news was good. My godson has gone into the business, working for a radio station in Erie. There has been a death or two, sadly, but things like that happen in everyone's circle of friends.

Yes, I "friended" my contact [I've got to look up a few more people, and "friend" them as well. I never thought "to friend" would become a verb, but the world moves on]. I need to stay in closer touch with my past. All of my past.

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