Boy this could come in handy on cold Buffalo days, eh?

I wouldn't believe it myself if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

Seriously, I can't get DJ to stop eating cat poop in the backyard.  I'm guessing training her to do this is not on our short-list of possibilities.

Check it out....but BEWARE:  This dog does both, uh....#1 and #2. Now, his execution is flawless and spot-on.  It's not messy or anything. But it does indeed show a dog, doing what dogs do best.  But on the TOILET.

(I'm just hoping he washed his paws thoroughly before going back to the dinner party!)

Thank you to Pat Allaire of Allaire Financial for sharing this with me!!!

And this is my little DJ flaunting her biggest skill -- jamming her head into snow and wagging her tail like a metronome.  Slight difference in "skill".

<3 LD