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Pearl (Submitted by Amy Balon)

'Pearl' submitted by Amy Balon

We adopted Pearl at 2 years of age from a local breeder. She is the best dog, loves people and goes camping with us. She is 4 and was born on Christmas Eve. Pearl is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She didn't know how to play with a toy, sit or any commands when we got her.

Jersey (Submitted by Jessica Fike)

'Jersey' submitted by Jessica Fike

My 5-year-old male Maltese, Jersey, is the most lovable pooch I've ever laid my eyes on. He loves me back, which proves that pets will always give you unconditional love. He is sad when I leave in the morning for work but can't control himself when I get home from work. To me, he's a little boy. After play dates, there is no doubt he will take the longest nap ever, then wake up wanting his dinner! Jersey isn't known for his tricks but for the kisses he will give to a stranger.

Jasper (Submitted by Nicole Briggs)

'Jasper' submitted by Nicole Briggs

Jasper is my 1-year-old Goldendoodle (not very golden though). His love for hugs is only superseded by his love of flip-flops, his favorite snack.

Gotti (Submitted by Dawn Khouri)

'Gotti' submitted by Dawn Khouri

Gotti is a great dog. I rescued him when he was abandoned and left in a house by his previous owners. Gotti has come a long way, training him to be a family dog. He is an awesome dog, and Gotti would be a happy dog if he were to win!

Chester (Submitted by Kelly Martel)

'Chester' submitted by Kelly Martel

Chester is a 10-month-old English Bulldog who enjoys long naps and peanut butter. He is a member of Twitter's most elite group of bulldogs, The Stud Club. He can be followed @bulldogchester.

Monte (Submitted by Kristen Sokolski)

'Monte' submitted by Kristen Sokolski

Monte is a loveable Lab mix who LOVES to chew sticks and play with the hose. He is such a good boy and just loves to be with people and play with his puppy friends Dio, Rex and Hugo!

Echo (Submitted by Peggy Webb)

'Echo' submitted by Peggy Webb

Echo is a Shepherd/Lab mix who is 2 years old. He's a rescued pup who know how to beat the heat and is now enjoying the good life.

Romeo (Submitted by Nadia Monessar)

'Romeo' submitted by Nadia Monessar

He's 7 months old. He's a Jack Russell/Shih Tzu mix. He loves his binky and loves to play fetch. He also loves to sit and roll over.

Opie (Submitted by Lindsay Paul)

'Opie' submitted by Lindsay Paul

Opie is just over a year old, so he is still very playful and full of energy. He is a mix of Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise. When we first met, he had the cutest black "mask" and the best markings. He cuddled up to us while his brothers and sisters were off playing, and I knew there was no way we'd be bringing anyone else home. He loves meeting new people, dogs, cats, birds, squirrels and turtles. Basically, if it moves, he wants to say hello and play. One of the first few tricks he nailed down was "bang" and play dead. I get the feeling that he knows he nailed it and has little ambition to learn many other tricks for the time being. Opie is my best friend. The best parts of my days are spent hanging out with him — we're exploring the best parts of this region together! He also happens to be the cutest and funniest member of our family.

Gloria (Submitted by Kristen Wilson)

'Gloria' submitted by Kirsten Wilson

Gloria is a 6-year-old wirehair Dachshund who loves to sunbathe, go for walks to check the neighborhood and lounge on the boat. She is a little girl who lives life large. Here she is enjoying summer out on the lake.