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Zuri (Submitted by Craig Syracuse)

'Zuri' submitted by Craig Syracuse

Zuri is a rescue pup. We adopted her several years ago from a kill shelter in Michigan. She is a great big sister who is best friends with our son Mason. Did we mention she is an 85-pound lap dog?

Jack (Submitted by Mariah Kessler)

'Jack' submitted by Mariah Kessler

This is Jack. He's going on six years young. He's so cute and lovely! He gets crazy sometimes when you stomp your feet and runs in circles around the house. He's very compassionate and loves treats! He'll only lick you if you're a stranger. He's my cute little boy!

Levi (Submitted by Jeff Illenz)

'Levi' submitted by Jeff Illenz

Levi is a Lab/Pit mix, approximately 12 years old. He has been run over by a car and a truck on two different occasions. After the truck accident, at which time he was about 7 years old, he crawled to "daddy" and was not expected to live. He has been attacked by loose dogs while he was leashed but is still very mild mannered. He is now almost 12 and loves to jump off docks and swims like an otter, chews wood like a beaver but wants to cuddle like a puppy. He loves kids, wants to say hi to any other dog passing and loves attention from anyone who will give it. Levi remembers the ones that carry bags with "treats" (so much for the "pit" reputation!). He’s not a barker, not aggressive and LOVES to lay out in the sunshine. All in all, after everything he has been through, a lot not mentioned, Levi is a mild, passive, friendly, playful, protective, obedient and trusting dog. He feels the need to try to chase a squirrel up a tree and a cat through the bushes, but no matter where he walks and leads through town on any walk, he always knows how to get home.

Lilly Mae (Submitted by Ashley Webb)

'Lilly Mae' submitted by Ashley Webb

Lilly is a fun-loving puppy that is almost 2 years old. She loves giving kisses and loves to play. She has two sisters that she loves and protects. Lilly needs surgery on both of her knees. I would like to get her surgery done soon, but I am currently saving up for it. She does not let her knees hold her back. She continues to run around and play.

Bart (Submitted by Courtney Rost)

'Bart' submitted by Courtney Rost

Bart is a 1-year-and-5-month-old Beagle. He loves to play with his stuffed giraffe and go for walks. His favorite treats are Scooby Snacks, and he loves people!

Tucker (Submitted by Tonja Hinman)

'Tucker' submitted by Tonja Hinman

Tucker is an 8-year-old Yorkie/Poodle. His favorite toy is a Reese's Cups Christmas reindeer. His best trick is he dances, and his favorite treat is Beggin' Strips. I rescued him in January 2010, and in the end, he proved to have rescued me! Who knew a pet could be such an amazing blessing?

Sid (Submitted by Tanya Fura)

'Sid' submitted by Tanya Fura

Sid is a 7.5-year-old Shih Tzu. He joined our family in September 2007 after being relinquished to the Niagara SPCA. He has lovingly welcomed two “sisters” and is truly a Nana’s dog! He gets his licks any chance he gets! Sid’s favorite toy is a cloth squeak doggie or any loose sock or shoe left in his path!

Oliver (Submitted by Sharon Ketch)

'Oliver' submitted by Sharon Ketch

My husband and I rescued Oliver from the Niagara county SPCA a couple of years ago. He was 3 months old. With a little training, he turned out to be a great dog. He loves to play with other dogs, and when he sees people, his whole body wiggles. He enjoys his morning strawberry and his evening walks at Artpark with all of his doggy buddies.

Sebastian (Submitted by Brittany Miller)

'Sebastian' submitted by Brittany Miller

Sebastian is a 5-month-old Puggle that loves doing anything outside. Swimming is one of his favorites, as well as picking up sticks. We are working on tricks -- so far he has sit, stay, paw and down

Luna (Submitted by Michael Klinger)

'Luna' submitted by Michael Klinger

Luna is about 2 years old and a Siberian Husky rescue. She was found with her two puppies wandering the streets in Alabama and was brought to WNY by ACRA in attempts to find her a loving forever home. I was not Luna's first home in WNY. A couple had adopted her before myself and did not realize the energy level of a husky, so they deemed her untrainable and threatened to drop her at the SPCA if ACRA did not come get her immediately. My wife and I have worked with her and our two other dogs to make her a happy, healthy and more-than-valued member of our family. She is quite the character, and we just adore her.