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Rocky (Submitted by Janice Ferlisi)

'Rocky' submitted by Janice Ferlisi

Rocky is the newest member of our family. He is an Australian/German Shepherd mix. He is only 12 weeks old in this adorable picture. Right now, a good trick we are working on is sitting still for more then 10 seconds. He did a mighty fine job in this picture.

Boomer (Submitted by Cheryl Hammer)

'Boomer' submitted by Cheryl Hammer

My dog Boomer has gotten me through some dark times. He is not like a pet, he is like my child and my best friend. He knows when I’m down. He knows just when to come and lay down next to me. He has never misbehaved; he is just the perfect dog. I cry when I think of something happening to him. So I savor every minute. He is a Cockapoo. He doesn’t like toys, but he loves pillows as you can see by the photo. And he loves cheese. He is about 6 years old.

Dio (Submitted by Denise Kuzmierczak)

'Dio' submitted by Denise Kuzmierczak

Sweetest dog! Loves to smile. He is about a 1.5-year-old Pit Bull. He weighs about 60 pounds but thinks he is small. He will come and sit his whole body on your lap!

Earl (Submitted by Jenny Dauer)

'Earl' submitted by Jenny Dauer

Earl is a 5-year-old Chocolate Lab full of **** and vinegar. He loves his Kong toys, his baby pool and his mommy! He's a very good boy, doesn't need a leash in the yard and is always willing to share his toys and big sloppy kisses!

Lola (Submitted by Jean McGee)

'Lola' submitted by Jean McGee

She is 7 months old and is a rescue dog. She is full of life and has to be busy all the time. Her favorite toy is her little stuffed dinosaur.

Bella (Submitted by Bryan Collins)

'Bella' submitted by Bryan Collins

Bella hangin’ on the back porch.

Abby (Submitted by Kristina Ettinger)

'Abby' submitted by Kristina Ettinger

Abby is our 4-year-old Australian Shepherd. She is named after Abby Scuito on NCIS — our favorite show. In this photo we were camping at Fair Haven Beach State Park. Her favorite things are getting attention from us and whining to get attention from us (just kidding). But she is our baby, and she is so beautiful.

Ivy (Submitted by Heather Creighton)

'Ivy' submitted by Heather Creighton

Ivy is a Great Dane puppy who loves to go to the dog park and sit on the beach. She is 4 months old. Her best friend is a 5-month-old Bulldog puppy.

Angel (Submitted by Lura Polakiewicz)

'Angel' submitted by Lura Polakiewicz

She is a 13-year-old Chow/Golden Retriever mix. She has been a wonderful dog and plays grandma to the other dogs. Here she is giving a kiss to my granddaughter!

Honey (Submitted by Angela Caico)

'Honey' submitted by Angela Caico

She is an English Bulldog, 7 months old. We drove all the way to Maryland to get her! She's chewed up the coffee table and the rug and just about everything else, but you can’t stay mad at that face!