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Shadow (Submitted by Patrick Broadwater)

'Shadow' submitted by Patrick Broadwater

Shadow is an 8-year-old purebred Beagle. We got her from an Amish farm in Pennsylvania on New Year's Eve. She enjoys watching fireworks and jumping for plastic shopping bags, and she recently caught her first rabbit.

Mickey (Submitted by Scott Rosenheck)

'Mickey' submitted by Scott Rosenheck

I adopted Mickey last August, right after I graduated from college. He is a Dalmatian Lab mix and is just over 1 year old. He and his brother were found abandoned crossing a busy road in Alabama. He is a bundle of energy who is always smiling and keeps every moment entertaining! He never takes any moment for granted and loves the summer.

Scout (Submitted by Kelly Davis)

'Scout' submitted by Kelly Davis

Scout is a 2-year-old German Shepherd. He and his brother Freddie (1-year-old Belgian Malinois) keep my husband and me on our toes! Scout is full of life and energy! Scout came into my life just about two years ago when I was living in Charlotte, N.C. I grew up in Buffalo, relocated to Charlotte two years ago, then relocated BACK to Buffalo about a month ago. Scout came at the perfect time when I was missing my family and incredibly homesick. Scout's favorite toy is his giant red Jolly ball. If I allowed him, he would chase and play with it for hours on end. Some people ask me how I put up with two large, rambunctious dogs, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh, and Scout literally stops traffic! Whenever I walk Scout, people always stop, stare and say how beautiful he is. Maybe he has a modeling career in his future! I love Scout because he shows unconditional love!

Bentley (Submitted by Wendy Mariani)

'Bentley' submitted by Wendy Mariani

Bentley is a 1-year-old Bull Mastiff. He's a big baby with nonstop energy. He gets into more trouble than my two kids, but it's impossible to stay mad once you look at his cute face! :)

Mattie (Submitted by Allie Urbanski)

'Mattie' submitted by Allie Urbanski

Mattie, a 2-year-old Poovanese, is the friendliest, most affectionate dog anyone has ever encountered. Neither man nor canine can resist this Little Ball of Fluff. She is a rescue dog who was abandoned by her previous family. How anyone gave up this little dog is still is mystery to her new family! Mattie enjoys running outside in the backyard and chasing after bunnies (she never would ever catch one though...we think she's just trying to make new friends!) But more than anything, Mattie loves being held and cuddled by everyone she meets!!

Bina (Submitted by Jordan Beatty)

'Bina' submitted by Jordan Beatty

I got Bina from the SPCA a few years ago. I'm not usually a huge fan of little dogs, but when I met this cute little Pomeranian and heard her story, I just couldn't resist. Bina spent the first nine years of her life in a puppy mill. Her sole purpose was to produce puppies -- hundreds, actually! After living in a crate for so many years, when I met Bina, she was unable to walk properly, she was bald all down her back (recovering from malnourishment), she had broken ribs, and she wasn't even close to being potty trained. She had been at the SPCA for months without an adoption, probably because of her age and current health condition at the time. When talking to the SPCA volunteers about Bina, they explained that unfortunately with no inkling of an adoption in the near future, euthinization was the next step for this sweet little pup. Of course, I had to take her home with me and spoil her like crazy to make up for the first nine years of her life. Now, at 11 years old, Bina has really come out of her shell. She is the happiest dog I know and has a seemingly new-found love for life. She brings a smile to the faces of everyone around her. Bina's the kind of dog I can walk without a leash -- there's a mutual trust between us that is indescribable. She has learned how to sit and "high-five" for a treat. (Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?!) I can't imagine my life without "The Bean" in it. She brings me such joy and love, it's hard to determine who saved whom.

Bruce (Submitted by Ann Liederman)

'Bruce' submitted by Ann Linderman

Bruce is a Lhasa Poo. He loves hiding his bones and then forgets where he hid them. He is 6 months old and loves the pool. His favorite thing to do...give kisses!!!

Topanga (Submitted by Susan Gallivan)

'Topanga' submitted by Susan Gallivan

Topanga is a PON, also known as a Polish Lowland Sheepdog. She looks like a miniature sheepdog but does not shed! She's very sweet but very shy. She enjoys chasing squirrels and belly rubs. Her last run-in with a skunk didn't end favorably, so she's learned her lesson! She gives big hugs and wet kisses. Especially after her (human) brother and sister have eaten cookies. Her favorite time of day is bed time. She's more excited about sleeping next to her owners than eating treats or going for a car ride!

Jaker's (Submitted by Jane Chaddock)

"Jaker's" submitted by Jane Chaddock

Our 4 year old black lab named Jaker's loves to swim in our pool everyday. He opens the gate himself, jumps in, swims around and gets out all by himself up the ladder. He also loves to ride on our Polaris Ranger whenever we go on a ride either in the woods or just around the yard. We nicknamed him "SIR LICKS-A-LOT" because you cannot pass him without him giving us a quick lick. He is definitely a big part of our family as we chronicle his days on Facebook for our family and friends. We have a basket full of tennis balls, and he will retrieve anything you tell him for a treat. Could even be a stick or your sock if you tell him. Love this dog like no other.

Nikko (Submitted by Janice Wegrzynowski)

'Nikko' submitted by Janice Wegrzynowski

Nikko is a 5 1/2-year-old Golden Retriever who is a certified Therapy Dog who volunteers at Cradle Beach Camp and Roswell Park. He is quite the talker when he enters a he is noticed. He also loves to get belly rubs!