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Memphis Blue (Submitted by Linda Roulley)

'Memphis Blue' submitted by Linda Roulley

Memphis rescued our family two years ago or so. She was living at the Niagara County SPCA at the time. They believe she is a mix of Husky and Black Lab. Generally we agree with that mix, though we are quite sure somehow she has a little "alien" in her as well. She is a crazy, affectionate, loving, sweet girl and the LAZIEST CREATURE ever!!!! This picture was taken of her at one of her fav places, our front porch, where she is happy to sit "on patrol" for hours on end. I actually called the picture "the dog days of summer" originally! She's a beautiful girl and brings us joy and laughter every single day!

Starla Jean (Submitted by Abby Ratner)

'Starla Jean' submitted by Abby Ratner

Star is a 3–year-old Pit Bull/Springer/Beagle mix. We adopted her from a woman who could no longer take care of her due to sickness. Star is great at doing tricks. Her favorite is to "speak!" In the picture, you can see how she sits like a true lady, and not like a dog. She is the sweetest pup we could have ever hoped for!

Rosy (Submitted by Michelle McGhee)

'Rosy' submitted by Michelle McGhee

Rosy is a rescue Dachshund, about 1.5 years old. She was turned in to the Baltimore dog pound with her brother in February, and I was fortunate to adopt her in March. She's a beautiful little sweetheart (almost all of the time!). Her favorite toy is a little green froggie.

Harley and Riley (Submitted by Susan Waszak)

'Harley' and 'Riley' submitted by Susan Waszak

Harley and Riley are the loves of my life and are so much fun to have around. We generally go for walks every day. I have the luxury of living in the country and can let them run free on the field roads, and I love it as much as my girls do!! There is also a pond with a dock, where they love to cool off in the summer, which they desperately needed this year. The black one is Harley, and the buff one is Riley. Hope you enjoy the picture as much as I liked taking it on one of our daily walks.

Mike (Submitted by Carol Preisler)

'Mike' submitted by Carol Preisler

Mike is a Maltese rescue from the SPCA. He was with a hoarder, and we have owned him 8 years. He is a Hospice visiting dog but a little too crazy at times. He is a gentle soul who has helped his adopted sister Nell become a "real" dog after she spent years as a puppy mill breeding machine. They LOVE each other, and he is one special guy.

Bishop (Submitted by Eric Dommer)

'Bishop' submitted by Eric Dommer

Bishop is a rescue from the Carolinas. He loves the water and chasing bunnies. He is a Border Collie mix. He is now 5 and loves to play tug-o-war with THE ROPE.

Suzi (Submitted by Kristina Walters)

'Suzi' submitted by Kristina Walters

Suzi is a mix breed of I don't really know what. She was a stray that we rescued. Suzi may be an older dog, but she doesn't act like it.  She loves to play with our other dog Sparky and my two boys. She’s very sweet and lovable.

Bella (Submitted by Anna Haumesser)

'Bella' submitted by Anna Haumesser

Bella is a 10-week-old Yorkshire Terrier. Her previous owner wasn't even aware that she was born when the mother gave birth to her puppies. Being one of four puppies, she was the smallest, weighing only 3 ounces and didn't make a sound. Now at a whopping 2 pounds, Bella thinks she is the size of a Great Dane and will play with any dog that crosses her path. She is fun, loving, wild and FULL of energy! Not to mention, very spoiled because she is SO cute!

Bennet (Submitted by Lauren Stockwell)

'Bennet' submitted by Lauren Stockwell

My dog's name is Bennet, and he's an Australian Shepherd mix. He's my first dog. I got him from the SPCA last summer. Bennet's a busy guy, so we go to an agility class (the doggy obstacle course) to help work off some of that energy. He loves it! He's best pals with my cat — they cuddle. One night, I heard purring and thought it sounded a little strange; it stopped, and I heard the cat's purrs that were quieter than the other sound — it was Bennet letting the cat know he was enjoying himself!

Stevin (Submitted by Ashlee Ramsey)

'Stevin' submitted by Ashlee Ramsey

Stevin is a 10-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He loves tearing squeakers out of stuffed toys, chewing on greenies and playing fetch. Stevin has come a long way. On Thanksgiving morning 2012, Stevin fell down some stairs and lost the use of his legs. Stevin was cared for around the clock, given meds and moved every few hours for about a month before he started walking again. After weekly acupuncture treatments, Stevin can now walk and run but still won't go up or down stairs. Stevin can once again do his favorite tricks (for a cookie of course), including sit and roll over. Stevin is my best friend, and I can't imagine life without him! He is definitely the cutest dog out there!