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Repo (Submitted by Krista Vitaris)

'Repo' Submitted by Krista Vitaris

He’s a very happy, loving, jumping puppy wuppy doo -- that’s what I call him. It makes him wag his tail even faster!

Bella (Submitted by Annmarie Paladino)

'Bella' Submitted by Annmarie Paladino

Bella is a 6-month-old Boxer/Pitbull mix. She is playful and LOVES everyone. She'll attack with kisses! Her favorite toys are her Kong and teething toys, although she does love her soft toys as pillows. She loves watching TV. Bella is only six months, but she can sit, stay, lay down, roll over, speak, give paw and high five on command.

Obe (Submitted by Erin Czarnecki)

'Obe' Submitted by Erin Czarnecki

My dog Obe is a French Bulldog. He just turned 1 year old on May 15. He has such a personality! He loves people and, even more, loves playing with kids. He is always so full of energy, but at times he is the biggest couch potato. He acts like the biggest clown -- he is always doing something funny to put a smile on everyone’s face. He is the biggest sweetheart and cuddle bug. He loves being outside and taking walks and visiting with his other doggy friends. He loves doggy cupcakes! He even tolerates when I like to dress him up silly just for a good laugh. He listens very well and knows lots of tricks; his favorite trick is when we ask him to dance, and it’s even cuter when we put his little sombrero on. Obe is my very first dog, and I could not have been luckier to get him. I truly now understand the feeling when they say a dog is a man’s best friend, because he truly is.

Hunter (Submitted by Paul Crego)

'Hunter' Submitted by Paul Crego

Hunter is a yellow Labrador Retriever. He just turned 12 years old. He has the nicest personality, just loves everyone and is very smart.

Lizzie (Submitted by Melinda O'Shea)

'Lizzie' Submitted by Melinda O'Shea

Lizzie will be 9 on December 6. We rescued her when she was 1.5 years old. She's the most amazing, intelligent, loving Golden Retriever. In this picture, she'd made herself comfortable using our friend's air mattress as a pillow. She's wearing her "summer do" because her groomers tell us she's got the thickest coat they've ever seen. This style allows her to be more comfy and active in the summer, so we can keep her at a healthy weight. Everybody compliments her. She instantly loves anybody who looks at her, and everybody she encounters wants her! She loves to 'hold hands' and fetch her ball. She's known as "the dog who walks herself" because, if you let her, she'll carry her own leash as she trots along beside you. She loves to go camping and is usually waiting by the vehicle door with her leash in her mouth, waiting to hop in, whenever she sees us packing the trailer. She's her happiest when she's the center of attention, and because she's so sweet and adorable, she usually is. She's made "Lizzie Lovers" of many non-dog owners.

Chloe & Charlie (Submitted by Laurie Smietana)

'Chloe' & 'Charlie' Submitted by Laurie Smietana

My two Pugs are the best dogs ever. Chloe is sweet and snuggly and just wants to be near you. Charlie is crazy and funny and makes us laugh every day.

Binx (Submitted by Donise Leonard)

'Binx' Submitted by Donise Leonard

Binx is my little pal. I got him about two months ago because I have an empty nest, and it’s too quiet in my house. He is a Pomeranian, so it’s never quiet now. Binx will be seven months old on July 26. Binx’s favorite toy is a tiny white stuffed bear. His favorite treat is Itty Bitty Bones all-natural baked peanut butter treats, made by Three Dog Bakery. I love him to pieces. He sleeps with us every night and has to cuddle close to my backside.

Bella (Submitted by Cathie Hassler)

'Bella' Submitted by Cathie Hassler

Bella is our 8-month-old Bernese Mountain Dog. She likes to steal sneakers, shoes and anything she finds on the floor, then makes us chase her around to play. We love playing with her.

Tripp (Submitted by Karen Healy)

'Tripp' Submitted by Karen Healy

Tripp is the sweetest Chihuahua ever. Although he has ripped up his fair share of toilet paper rolls, I can't help but love him when cuddle on the couch together.

Jaclyn (Submitted by Debbie Gavazzo)

'Jaclyn' Submitted by Debbie Gavazzo

Jaclyn is a rescue dog that we got from the SPCA here in Niagara Falls. They told us that they found her wandering late at night on the side of the road near a cornfield! She is four years old, and she is part Greyhound and German Shepherd. Jaclyn loves to play catch with the ball and growls at you when she wants attention!  She gives unconditional love and lots of kisses! Here she is ready for Christmas in July!