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Cooper (Submitted by Colleen Riches)

'Cooper' Submitted by Colleen Riches

Cooper was adopted from the Erie County SPCA at the age of eight weeks, after our dog Tyler of 17 years passed away in January. He is very very energetic and friendly with everyone. He loves to run around our pool deck, just waiting to fall in and swim. He loves playing with rope toys and loves eating peanut butter. He has filled a hole in our hearts that was missing since Tyler passed. How can you not love his face?!

Paisley (Submitted by Courtney Frisch)

'Paisley' Submitted by Courtney Frisch

Paisley is a 3-year-old Jack Russell/Pug mix that we adopted from the SPCA. She is the love of our life! She is full of energy, loves to play, loves to snuggle and loves lots of attention!

Ruby (Submitted by Bridget Grady)

'Ruby' Submitted by Bridget Grady

Ruby is an alumna of the SPCA. It appears she may have had a tough life due to scarring found on her body. She is a part of the family and pretty much rules the nest. But, boy, can she be stubborn. She loves to have her eyes rubbed and will sit with you for as long as you want to pet her. Ruby is a big girl who loves confined spaces, as you can see in this picture of her lying under the Christmas tree. RUBY ROCKS!!!

Jimmy (Submitted by Tracy Schulz)

'Jimmy' Submitted by Tracy Schulz

Jimmy loves to take walks, jump through his hoop, chew Dingos and play with his friends.  He is four years old. He can jump through a hoop, sit, stay and flip. He loves taking walks and playing with his friends. Jim also loves going to the harbor with his family.

Max (Submitted by Amber Yockey)

'Max' Submitted by Amber Yockey

This is my baby Max, a.k.a. Maximus. He is a 5-year-old Yorkie. He may come in a small package, but he has a HUGE heart. He is a lover; his favorite thing to do is go for walks and to cuddle. My favorite trick he does is give kisses on command. He is a very well-behaved pup and my best friend.

Nero (Submitted by Carla Hart)

'Nero' Submitted by Carla Hart

Nero is a Pekapoo, almost eight months old. Everyone that sees him says he looks half human. He has blue eyes and looks and feels like a teddy bear. He also resembles Chewbacca. Nero is a blast. He sighs and rolls his eyes, he hardly ever barks, he loves people and other dogs, and he sleeps a lot. You couldn't ask for a better friend.

Glitter (Submitted by Jennifer Pierce)

'Glitter' Submitted by Jennifer Pierce

Glitter is a 7-pound, 8-month-old black and white female Shih Tzu. The kids named her on Christmas morning! Her face is exactly half black and half white – she resembles the Phantom of the Opera. Glitter was brought into our family when she was 14 weeks old on Xmas morning from Santa Claus. The kids sat on Santa's lap at Kelly's Country Store in Grand Island a week before Xmas, begging him for a puppy, but we kept saying, "Dad says, 'No.'" Our two children (8 and 3) were so excited; all the toys in the world could not compare to this precious present. Some of the toys have still not been opened! The children are still so excited about having her and call themselves her "Mommy and Daddy". We are often reminded we are just the grandparents -- too funny! She is so sweet, does not bark and is an awesome addition to our family. Her favorite thing is slippers, all slippers, as she is not partial to color or size. We love her!!

Rocky (Submitted by Christy Ehrmann)

'Rocky' Submitted by Christy Ehrmann

Rocky is an 8-year-old Black Lab. He is such a good dog and is very loving. He still is very active and at times acts like a puppy. His favorite toy is his "baby", which is a one of those stuffing-free foxes. He loves his doggie ice cream cups in the summer and his busy bones in the winter.

Bentley (Submitted by Alexa Clementi)

'Bentley' Submitted by Alexa Clementi

Bentley is a 6-month-old Jack Russell. He is full of energy and kisses. He loves to play fetch and steal clothes! He hides his treats around the house, and if you go near the spot his treat is, he will wag his tail really fast and grab it before you find it. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He loves his belly rubbed, and he loves his nose kissed! He is the best puppy anyone can ever ask for, and most importantly, he makes you feel loved whenever you walk in the door.

Bella (Submitted by Krystle Hanson)

'Bella' Submitted by Krystle Hanson

Bella is an adorable 3-year-old female Lab/Terrier mix. I would not give this amazing little girl away even if someone offered me a million dollars. I adopted Bella from Akron Rescue Angels three years ago. This little girl was digging to get out of the cage; she looked scared and like she was fighting to get free. As soon as I picked her up, she just melted in my arms and was as content as could be. They called her a "rescue" because the animal shelter in Ohio was going to put her down due to the fact that they did not have any more room for her or the other puppies that were brought to their shelter. I cannot tell you how many times a day I have to stop and count my blessing for this little girl; she has forever changed my life and so many others that have gotten to know her. I have never known another dog with this much personality in my life. She is everyone’s best friend, she loves to make you happy and won't give up until you're laughing and have a smile on your face. Everyone that has ever met Bella has immediately fallen in love with her. Not only has she melted everyone’s hearts, but she has encouraged countless amounts of people who have met her to adopt a pet who may be in need of a home and a family. Once you lock eyes with this girl, you're a goner. The only thing that I would change if I could would be that she would be able to have puppies of her own someday, but because she was at a shelter, they immediately spayed her. The best gift I could ever give Bella would be to win the $500 and be able to save another rescue dog to bring into our loving family and out of a shelter. To give Bella the chance to have a brother or sister to play with and be able to grow old with would be an incredible blessing.