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Murphy (Submitted by Aimee Lepsch)

'Murphy' Submitted by Aimee Lepsch

Murphy is a liver and white English Springer Spaniel puppy who joined our family at the end of June. Even though he is only 10 weeks old, he is the smartest little stinker out there! Within days of coming home to Buffalo from Grove City, Penn., he had already learned "sit", "shake" (hands) and "down." He LOVES his rubber chicken toy, chasing his friend Jake (a Schnauzer/Westie mix) along the fence in the backyard, sniffing out the neighborhood on walks and crawling under the couch to nap. He makes us laugh with his puppy antics on a daily (hourly!) basis. Murphy is a true love bug. He is happiest when curled up on Mom's lap or Dad's chest, sitting under your Adirondack chair outside or plopped right on Mom's feet while she cooks. We're so happy and proud to have such a great pup join our young family. It's true what they say: "A home isn't complete without the patter of dog feet."

Patches (Submitted by Kathy DeJohn)

'Patches' Submitted by Kathy DeJohn

Patches is the cutest dog ever. He loves to be with the family. He is a 4-year-old Lhasa Apso. He loves he green squeaky toy. He understands English and Italian. Patches loves going for car rides and loves freezie pops in the summer. He has no idea that he is a dog he believes he is the third son in the family!!!

Ozzy (Submitted by Jason Estell)

'Ozzy' Submitted by Jason Estell

Ozzy is a male. Even though he looks more like Chewbacca or an Ewok. My wife thought it would be funny to have the groomer put a pink bow on his head. Ozzy proudly wore it anyway. He is as fun as he looks. He is part Pug and Cairn Terrier. His favorite toys are the Angry Bird catnip toys he stole from the cat. He will be 2 years old in October. He goes to doggy day care and plays hard -- the bigger the dog, the better.

Jasmine (Submitted by Jenn Goehle)

'Jasmine' Submitted by Jenn Goehle

Jasmine is a rescue dog -- she's part Shepherd, part Border Collie and part who knows what else! She's very sweet and loving and just LOVES to be around other dogs. She's 19 months old and full of energy. Her "trick" is to hug.

Einstein (Submitted by Matthew Musial)

'Einstein' Submitted by Matthew Musial

Einstein is a dog genius. He's a 2-year-old Maltipoo who enjoys physics and theories of relativity. He can even balance on his hind legs for a relatively long time. He's a lover of all man- and dogkind. Stein knows that smiles are contagious, so you'll never see him without one. Einstein plans to attend Harvard Medical School in the fall and hopes to find the cure to cancer.

Lola Banana (Submitted by Elisa Cadille)

'Lola Banana' Submitted by Elisa Cadille

OMG, how cute!

Romeo (Submitted by Lisa Leuchner)

'Romeo' Submitted by Lisa Leuchner

Romeo is a rescue dog that is 50 percent Sheltie, 25 percent Gordon Setter and 25 percent mix breed, which is mainly German Pinscher. When we adopted him, his behavioral problems were so bad that we couldn’t even walk around the block in our neighborhood; he was deathly afraid of people and other dogs. Now, after a year of intense love and training, he is one happy, healthy, well-adjusted doggie!

Jackson (Submitted by Jennifer Valint)

'Jackson' Submitted by Jennifer Valint

I first met our Lhasa/Poo five years ago on a rainy day while on vacation in Jacksonville, Fla. Our family decided to visit the local pet store to "kill some time " because the weather was miserable. The moment I saw Jackson poking his nose out of his doghouse, I melted. He has stolen the hearts of many and has been a joy in our home since that 18-hour car ride back to New York.

Lady (Submitted by Sue Callea)

'Lady' Submitted by Sue Callea

Lady is 9 1/2 years old. My children and I got her and her brother on Christmas Eve, from the Oak Street shelter, for my husband for Christmas. Lady is the most loving dog. She's very energetic and walks almost every day with me or my kids, 3-4 miles a day. When it is hot, she loves to lay under the trampoline or on top of it. She is wonderful and takes care of her brother too, cleans him, and lies next to him every night. She is the best snuggler and keeps you warm in the winter. Her favorite treat is Cheez-its.

Marlo (Submited by Sarah Dawe)

'Marlo' Submitted by Sarah Dawe

Marlo just turned 4 on July 3. He is a Neapolitan Mastiff (yes, the Harry Potter dog), which means he is 175 pounds of love and drool! He is a really messy and a really picky eater. He is allergic to chicken, loves small children and is afraid of flavored bones and small dogs. I couldn't just choose one picture, so I made a collage...he's a bit of a mama's boy.