Many brands and styles have been recalled.

The FDA is investigating chicken, duck and sweet potato jerky treats and chew treats, including rawhide, for dogs from China. Pet food brands such as Purina, Publix, Del Monte, Costco and other brands of pet treats are voluntarily recalling their treats, though the FDA still doesn't know why the dog treats are causing pets to get sick. The FDA has reportedly received more than 3,600 complaints of dogs and cats becoming sick, particularly with gastrointestinal illnesses.

Recalled products:

Nestle Purina’s: Waggin’ Train Jerky Treats or Tenders

Nestle Purina’s: Canyon Creek Ranch Jerky Treats or Tenders

Del Monte Corp’s: Milo’s Kitchen Home-Style Dog Treats

Del Monte Corp’s: Chicken Griller Home-Style Dog Treats

Publix stores recalled their own brand of : Chicken Tenders Dog Chew Treats

IMS Pet Industries Inc.: Cadet Brand Chicken Jerky Treats sold in the US

Dogswell/Catswell: Duck or Chicken Jerky Teats with the “Best Before” date of  January 2015 (or any earlier date)

Joey’s Jerky: Chicken Jerky, due to salmonella bacteria