Lets set the scene:  you're in the dating world.  You're at a bar or restaurant, or perhaps have just made a connection on Match or Tinder.  You're at a loss for an opening line, and "Some weather we're having, huh?" just doesn't feel right.

Dig deep, take a deep breath, and open with:

I wish they'd teach us more about Vikings.

Confused?  You should be.  It makes no sense.  Allow me to explain.

21-year-old Caitlin Whitlock was going through some old stuff at her parents' house and found an old book called "A Smart Girl's Guide to Boys".

The book featured ways to start a conversation, and one of them was that very sentence.  She texted it to a friend, who responded in a very appropriate way.  The text was tweeted, and naturally, it went viral.

But wait, there's more.

And it's awesome. And I'm gonna try it.

How long before it shows up in the next debate???