There are people out in the world that tend to put doubt in the minds of others based on their goals and aspirations.

Delilah explains that you can't let those people shake you from achieving your dreams and be confident in what you can do.

I can't tell you how many people said my show wouldn't be a success because "no one listens to the radio at night; everyone watches television." It was that, or "no one wants to listen to a woman on the radio at night." I got those comments all the time, they are too numerous to count. But each time someone told me it would never work, it was like waving a flag in front of a bull - it fired me up even more to prove them wrong.

Of course it didn't come easy to get where I am today. I am living my dream but I had to come thru a lot of defeated moments in my life to get here. I had to put in a lot of work, and work thru a lot of fear, criticism, tears and pain to get here. But I was willing. And that makes all the difference, folks.

If you have a dream in your heart, a desire you just can't seem to probably already have the gifts and tools to bring it to fruition. Don't discount your dream and don't let others crush your spirit. Because spirit alone - that drive of a bull - is often the discerning difference between a dreamer and someone who achieves their dream.

Be willing to do the hard work for your dream, whatever it may be. Be willing to endure a long wait. Be willing with bull-headed confidence and one of two things will happen: your dream will come true...or you'll come to realize the road to your dream was just a detour leading you toward another destination that is marked for your happiness. Be willing to go the distance and you will see the fruits of hard work and determination grow in your life.

Have YOU ever reached a goal and proved others wrong? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post