Most colleges are already back in session. My daughter is into day three of classes. Whether you live in a dorm or off campus there are ten essential food items you need to shop for!

1: Candy:

Quick energy and a feel good food!

2: Soda:

You always need liquids. here's a tip, look for it on sale, or buy ther store brand to save money!

3: Instant mac & cheese:

So versatile! You can eat it by itself, or put just about any left overs in it!

4: Cereal:

A must have for those 8am classes, but in a pinch can be lunch or dinner!

5: Chips:

For late night munchies, especially on the weekend!

6: Instant hot chocolate:

Another comfort food you'll appreciate on a cold Buffalo morning.

7: Energy drinks:

For those all night study sessions, or when the term paper is due in three hours!

8: Pizza:

Frozen pizza has come a long way, a lot of it is delicious!

9: Microwave popcorn:

Isn't that why they invented the microwave?

10: Ramen noodles:

Buy them by the case! So cheap and you can make anything with them!