An interesting survey asked both sides of the interviewing process -- the ones looking for a job, and the ones hiring -- what WAS and WASN'T important in job-seeking.  The highlights may surprise you!

ThinkStock / Anatoly Vartanov

What we THINK are important but are NOT:

  • keeping resume under 2 pages
  • having volunteering experience
  • including generic "skills" like "creative" and "communication
  • personal interests

What we THINK aren't important but ARE:

  • listing all job titles at the same company
  • using actual industry terms
  • details about achievements
  • typos

You can see a detailed graphic on these and other resume stats here.

Your resume is your calling card...but once you land the interview, there are some things you should NOT do.  Hiring managers were asked to name the biggest ways someone can sink an interview, right out of the gate.  They include:

  • lying about something on your resume
  • using your phone during interview
  • not making eye contact
  • acting arrogant
  • inappropriate dress (you SHOULD "dress for the job you're applying for")
  • swearing
  • fidgeting
  • having bad posture

Now, dress for the job you want, print out a BUNCH of resumes, and head to the WNY Diversity Job Fair on Sept. 21, 2016. 

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