In case you missed it, I shared a story this morning about how a vivid dream transferred into real life.

And sidebar:  anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE my dog more than anything on the planet.  I am a friend of all animals.  It pains me to even share this story.

I am typically a lucid dreamer, but with this particular one, I can't remember what the meat of the story was.  I just remember that I was playfully - yet forcefully - punching someone in the arm.  I woke up and found that I was - in real life - closed-fist punching my DJ in the hind quarter!  I immediately started crying and held her close, apologizing to the nines.

The kicker....she didn't even flinch.  What I thought was my ape-like strength was really only a "love tap" (apparently my upper-body strength is astounding in my dreams...just not in real life).  It didn't help....I felt SO guilty, I'm still feeling the effects of the dream.

JoyFM, Laura Daniels

DJ snuggled right back up to me, and all was well in her world.  However, I feel I may never sleep again.

<3 LD