Listening to a song that makes you feel strong emotions, whether good or bad, shows that the song has quite the impact.

Delilah chose to introduce a song that proves to have an impact that is stronger than ever.

A good love song is worth a thousand weddings, it seems. Which is why I feel compelled to introduce this next song to anyone who is planning a wedding or a milestone anniversary this summer. The timing is perfect for "Dreams Come True," a new song with sweet lyrics - perfect for a couple's first dance. The chorus alone sings the truth about so many relationships...

Love I never knew
Until I found you
I promise that I do
Believe that dreams come true

Miracles will be
Look at you and me
Heaven helped us to
Believe that dreams come true

Recording artists Rebecca Holden, whom television viewers will recognize from her co-starring role in "Knight Rider" (still syndicated in 250 countries) and Tony LeBron, winner of the nationally televised "Gospel Dream" competition, have come together for this beautiful duet, and they struck gold when "Dreams Come True" was born. There have been literally thousands of YouTube videos posted from all over the world by people who have used "Dreams Come True" as the theme song for special moments in their lives. You can download the song here on iTunes.

Weddings, graduations, military homecomings, great moments in sports, newborn babies, miraculous recoveries and so many special moments in our lives can be reflected in this one song. Do something good for your heart today; grab a box of tissues and watch this very special song on YouTube today. Click here to see the music video for "Dreams Come True" and be filled with hope for good things to come in this life...

Do YOU have a song that makes an impact on your emotions each time you hear it? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post