A little more than a week ago, a 14-year-old Lancaster Middle School student was killed when he was struck by a vehicle on Lake Avenue driven by a man police say had been drinking.  The fatal crash happened in the midst of the high profile local trial of another man accused in yet another fatal hit-and-run drunk driving crash. Two children gone, two families grieving.  This is crazy.  How do we stop the insanity?

Family and friends of 14-year-old Bryce Buchholz remember him as a happy kid who loved to put a smile on everybody's face.  Bryce loved his orange BMX bike, in fact he loved the color orange.  Students at Lancaster Middle School, where the 8th grader attended classes, dressed in orange t-shirts in the days following his death as a tribute to their friend and classmate.  It's clear by the outpouring of love and support following his death, Bryce will be missed.  The tragedy of this is it is all so senseless.  It could have all be avoided, if the 23-year-old man who struck Bryce had chosen not to drink and drive.  How do we stop this insanity?  How do we keep this from happening again, and again?