Does that driver in the next car look a little sleepy? Maybe you should be worried. So says a new report from the Centers for Disease Control. A just-released report based on interviews with drivers in 19 states, including New York, says more than four percent of all drivers admitted to falling asleep while driving within the month before being surveyed!

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says two-and-a-half percent of all fatal auto accidents can be blamed on drowsy driving.The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says the figure is closer to 16 percent, and says tired drivers may cause up to one-third of all fatal auto accidents!

How can you avoid driving drowsy? The CDC says drivers should aim for at least seven hours of rest before getting behind the wheel, and should pull off the road to rest or switch drivers if the person behind the wheel feels drowsy. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has an online presentation to help drivers notice signs of drowsy driving.