Who rates among dull people? We're sending out a semi-rousing shout to rockers Rod Stewart and Iggy Pop! They've earned the dubious distinction of being featured on the Dull Men's Club's "Dull Man Of The Year" list.

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Stewart earns the honor for his love of model trains.  He's been featured as cover boy on 'Model Railroader' magazine and has discussed his love for model choo-choos on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'.

Iggy landed on the list for commenting to the London 'Sunday Times' that he starts his day with a walk through the garden smelling the blooms and looking at his koi pond.  For added excitement he'll then watch the clouds.

Others on the list of dullsters include a man who takes pictures of mailboxes and a science type who discovered that goats have accents.

Exciting people are so overrated!