So by now, you've probably seen what Laura, Heather and I did to Brian's office for his birthday on Monday. And in the time since Laura and Heather joined our Joy FM family, you've probably heard Brian say once or twice (or every day when he has to deal with the three of us together and ESPECIALLY after seeing his office that morning) that he thinks we're all a little crazy.

Well then, I guess you can consider what I'm about to show you proof that he's right -- or that when you're in the office on a Sunday morning for the sole purpose of pranking your boss and a liiiiiittle lightheaded from blowing up a TON of balloons, you do weird things.

Laura came in that morning talking about a song by an Australian singer she likes, which made me think of that wildly adorable "Dumb Ways to Die" ad campaign the Australian Metro put together back at the end of last year. (Fair Warning: The song's gonna be stuck in your head after you watch the video!)

Neither Laura nor Heather had seen the video before...but after one listen, they were hooked -- so much so that they dug up the official karaoke version, and...well...see for yourself: