School's out next week for most students in WNY, which means we've got lots of time to fill up with activities for our kids! Now this one started out for us as a school activity -- kiddo needed a tie-dye shirt for class, and instead of doing things the easy way (go buy one duh) I did things the Val way -- which usually winds up like this:


However, I did wind up surprising myself with the tie-dye t-shirt project! OK, in all (supplies, packages of t-shirts) I did spend way more than the cost of one tie-dyed shirt, but we made six shirts, including some for little brother, and had more fun than just running to the store.

All you really need are rubber bands, dye, a big plastic sheet, and items to dye. Since I was a beginner at this, I opted to pick up a kit that came with everything, including a handy storage tote to keep it all in.

Then I watched roughly 900 YouTube videos on how to tie-dye. Here are some I thought were the most helpful:

Here's a video that uses dye in containers instead of the squeez-y bottles, but the folding technique for a spiral design is on point:


And, success!

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