Attention fashionistas, there's a new outlet coming our way. We are very fortunate to have one of the country's best outlets right here in our backyard.  This new outlet is right at your fingertips. Ebay has long been a place to hunt down great fashion bargains. There are hundreds of stores for you to find what your heart desires.

Over the last few months Ebay has been partnering with fashion designers to create fashion just for it's EbayersEbay has taken it a step further and created it's own fashion outlet. It opened today!! You can expect to save between 20-65% off of the retail price.  There are some serious fashion heavy hitters that will be discounted.

So where does this leave the individual fashion seller on Ebay?  There is no doubt that Ebay has launched some serious competition.  I expect complaints from the retail sellers on the network.  Many retail sellers gather goods from a outlet and sell them to others who can't get to a outlet. Is there a reason to search out  Amy's designer discount duds, when E-bay is standing right there offering the same thing?