Jack Froese, 32, died of a heart arrhythmia in June 2011. But the BBC reports that several mysterious emails from Froese's account, after his death, have brought some happiness to those who were closest to him.

Last November, five months after Froese's death, his childhood best friend Tim Hart received an email from Froese's account.

"One night in November, I was sitting on my couch, going through my emails on my phone and it popped up, 'sender: Jack Froese.' I turned ghost white when I read it," Hart told the BBC. "It was very quick and short but to a point that only Jack and I could relate on."
The email had the subject heading, "I'm Watching." While the text of the message itself read, "Did you hear me? I'm at your house. Clean your f***ing attic!!!"

Froese's cousin also claims to have received a posthumous email from Froese, warning him about an ankle injury that occurred after Froese's death.

The source of the emails remains a mystery.

There are however, options for those who would like to send emails from beyond the grave. The website Dead Man's Switch, lets you write email drafts that will be sent to a group of preselected recipients after your death.

(From Yahoo)