A Christian based movement, founded by the Oakland, Calif.-based Harold Camping is predicting that the beginning of the end of the world is this Saturday 5/21/11. Camping is president of Family Stations Inc.,that promotes the belief that May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day. It should be noted that Camping's group mistakenly thought the world was also scheduled to end in 1994. So this would be like "the second going"...

If that is indeed true we should all be prepared to meet our maker.

On the lighter side it brings me to at least 5 things I will NOT have to do, since the world is coming to an end:

That trip to the gas station Friday night is now officially on-hold.

To my brother Mike, that 5 bucks I owe you...sorry.

That unsecured line of credit....bye bye.

Don't worry about any birthday presents for me this year.

And to Dad, Pat, Mike, Joe, and Jimmy... depending upon the time world ends, it may NOT be "my turn" to buy breakfast on Saturday.