Only two days left, until the end of the world!

What is next...."It's the END OF THE WORLD SALE...half off on anything left on the shelves...everything must go! No refunds...all sales final!"

We've all thought about the end of the world before, it has been written about countless times...covered on TV, in documentaries and in dramas...

The latest warning comes from a radio evangelist, Harold Camping, who has "deciphered" a biblical code that he says reveals that the rapture will occur on May 21, (around 6pm we hear).

The signs are all around us, earthquakes, floods, wars and rumors of wars, unrest in the Middle East, Lindsay Lohan released from prison, Oprah no longer the Queen of media!

So why do people want believe this time around? You got me!

It sure beats the hell out of trying to decide between cable and satellite, and if it doesn't happen, join me on the JOYfm "world escape weekend" (er I mean Work Escape Weekend) this Sunday from 7am - 1pm. (ahem)