This year is the year to take on a new approach and work on a healthier mindset.

Delilah explains that this year is the time to work on our hearts to make ourselves more grateful, loving and happy.

Welcome to my new weekly newsletter! The New Year often brings about change and this revised format is a change I hope you'll enjoy. I'll still be sharing much of the same wonderful content driven and inspired mainly by you, my loyal readers and listeners.

I write these newsletters to be more connected with you; to feed you some hope and encouragement when you're right in the thick of your daily duties. It is my joy to give you some uplifting stories, ideas and thoughts in print to balance out the negative press and stress that burdens us daily. Today, I encourage you to forward this letter to a friend who could benefit from a weekly dose of something light, fun, and at times, inspiring.

After all, this is the year to work on our hearts - in the metaphorical sense. It's a year to take on a new approach and work on a healthier mindset. Things like being more satisfied, more content, more grateful, more forgiving, more loving, more positive, more balanced, and more heart happy.

When you think of living your best life, what is the attitude change you need to make in order to be happier in 2014? Do you hold too many grudges? Do you feel shortchanged rather than blessed? Do you let fear grip your decisions? Figure out what's holding you back, pray continually for help in changing that bad attitude habit, and be on your way to living the good life in 2014...

For more, read "My Hope and Prayer for the New Year" on my website.

Is there anything holding YOU back from living the good life in 2014? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post