Woah! Was This Too Far? Look How This Girl Arrived To Prom [VIDEO]
What the heck was this?

This girl went to her high school prom in a casket.
Got in the casket at the funeral home.
They put the casket in the hearse.
Arrived to prom in the gym.

It's actually genius believe it or not. As you can imagine in the sensitive world we live in, people were uber offended, b…
Eric Jordan’s Disney World Tips and Tricks
Have you ever been to the Happiest Place on Earth? If you have then you know its also one of the busiest places on earth too. Ride lines are typically very long, dining reservations for popular places are extremely difficult to get, and souvenir are pretty expensive...
The Biggest High Schools in WNY [LIST]
Who is the biggest high school in Western New York?
It's no secret that Erie County has some of the best schooling systems in the state and even in the country. There are 215 public schools in Erie County, New York, serving about 128,441 students, but who is the biggest high school...
[CHART] When You Should Put Your Kids To Bed
Ever have a problem trying to figure out when to put your kids to bed? You put them to bed too early, they goof off and are hyper or if you put them to bed too late, it's a bad day at school.
Here's a chart that Wilson Elementary in Wisconsin has shared for a long time that a lot of familie…
Do You Embarrass Your Kids? Isn’t it the Best!
First off, my son would kill me if he knew this picture was posted of him.  Unfortunately for him, this is my favorite picture and I love to show it.  For obvious reasons he hates it, but his expression is priceless.
If you're a parent you know that your kids stick to you like a …
Behavior Charts – Are They Worth the Work?
Kids are amazing creatures and help make life sweet, but sometimes they need a push in the right direction.  As Parents, it is easy to just do everything for them because they are so cute and little.  Too much of that is not always a good thing...
WATCH: Twin Brother Saves His Brother When Dresser Falls On Him
This twin brother mustard up all the muscle he had in order to save his brother's life after the dresser in their room fell on top of him.
At first, the father did not want to post this video, but he decided to in order to spread awareness to other parents about securing and bolting dressers and…
New 2017 Law Starting If You Are Future Mother
Newborn babies will not be covered under the Child Health Plus program retroactively. Babies will not be covered starting on the first day of the month they were born in, closing the insurance gap that was happening. According to the New York State website:
This bill would allow coverage under Child …
Adorable Kids Describe Their Belief in Santa Claus [VIDEO]
Nothing puts a smile on my face more then seeing the joy of those around me during the holidays! I love getting to see the smiles on children's faces as they await the arrival of Santa Claus and all their presents!
Check out this great video above, in which these kids keep the magic of San…
New York Doesn’t Want Your Kids to Play Scratch-offs
New York State has the largest lottery in the country, and a big portion of their sales come from scratch-offs. Kids seem to love getting to be the ones scratch off the lotto tickets!
I remember the simple thrill of it too. When I was younger my Grandma would buy scratch-offs and give me a coin…

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