What You Need To Know For Niall Horan + Maren Morris in Buffalo!
One Direction's Niall Horan + country music's Maren Morris will play in Buffalo later this year!
Niall Horan and Maren Morris
Flicker World Tour 2018
Saturday, September 8
Darien Lake
Niall has begun his second world tour and when he gets to Buffalo here are some things you should expect:

He'll play about…
Buffalo Bills Tickets Going for as Low as $3
Christmas is this Sunday, therefore this week is no longer a Bills Sunday but rather a Bills Saturday!  However tickets to see the  Buffalo Bills are not as desirable as they were at the beginning of the season.
I can assume this is due to the teams slim chances of making the play-off…
American Authors Coming To Town Ballroom
Pop/alt rockers American Authors make their return to Buffalo for an incredible club show on Monday November 3rd at Town Ballroom. Joining them will be the Mowgli's and Oh, Honey. Tickets go on sale this Friday (August 15th) at the Town Ballroom or After Dark office or by phone at 877-435-9849 …
Tips To Get Out Of A Ticket
I drive a lot (40,000 miles a year), so the probability of me getting a ticket is pretty good.  Not to mention, I may have a lead foot.  Anything that can keep my ticket count down, the better.
Sabres Lockout: What To Do With Your Tickets
Welp, the preseason for the NHL has officially been canceled. Cross your fingers that the rest of the season isn't going down the same path. It's super annoying to the fans when the NHL goes into lockout.  It's more annoying to think that the players and owners are fighting over …

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