Let's preface this, ladies.  We're RARELY wrong.... ;)  However, I am guilty of ALL of these things I came across this morning.  Meant to give you the info sooner, but WOW it was a LONG day!  Here goes....everyday things we're probably doing incorrectly:

  • Putting leftovers directly in the fridge.  You especially shouldn't do this with something large like a ham or turkey that hasn't been cut up.  When you put hot/warm food in the fridge, the outside gets cold before the middle, which can lead to food poisoning.  You're safe leaving it to cool on the counter for up to an hour before refrigerating.
  • Picking up prescriptions at a pharmacy drive-thru.  Like most of us, I love anything that saves me a step of getting my butt out of my car....but a survey of more than 400 pahrmacists said a mistake with your rx is more likely to happen because working the drive-thru is more distracting that counter service.  Just make sure you double-check the rx's you've received before you pull away.
  • Leaving your wallet or handbag on the kitchen counter.  GUILTY!!!!  One study found the bottom of a purse can contain up to 10,000 bacteria per SQUARE INCH (and I carry a suitcase-sized purse!) which can end up on the food you cook.  Think about all the places you set your bag down even for a few seconds....the floor of the bathroom at a bar/restaurant is the first that comes to mind (if there are no hooks).
  • Snagging the front row at an exercise class so you can see yourself in the mirror.  It's not that it's PHYSICALLY unhealthy, but it can be MENTALLY troublesome.  A study found women who could clearly watch themselves during a workout felt more anxious AFTERWARD.
  • Cranking your headphones in a loud environment like a bus or on a plane.  Harvard said when it's reasonably quiet around you, your music is usually at a safe level, but once there's background noise, 80 percent of us crank it up to UNSAFE levels.  (I'm sorry, what?)
  • Storing coffee beans in the freezer.  Most of us do this...but apparently every time you take them out to make coffee, the temperature change creates condensation.  That leeches out the flavor.

Now ya know! :)

<3 LD