We have all on occasion taken a Sunday stroll. Corinna and the kids wanted to take a walk through Lewiston for ice cream. I am always up for a good walk, so I said let's go!

The kids weren't big on the "conventional" route down Center Street to Hibbard's.... Colby wanted to follow a trail, Grace wanted to climb a hill (9 year olds!), so we compromised. We climbed a hill and followed a trail!

Behind the Condo, in Lewiston is a Wildlife Trail that leads to Artpark, and so the adventure began.

Up the hill, onto a gravel trail, through some trees, with the kids asking, "how far", "can we run ahead", "we'll take this trail and meet you and Mom", then Colby says "How will we know when we are at the end", to which I replied, there is a huge BEAR at the end! So much for them wanting to run ahead.

It was a lot of fun, like a trip back to my childhood, that's the great thing about living life though a child's eyes.

Aside from the occasional "Mom can you carry me", and "my legs are getting tired", we made it back in one piece, missed the "bear" and ready for ice cream, Mom, the kids and "the photographer".