The Miami Doctors treating the homeless man who became the victim of a brutal face-eating attack last month say their patient is doing well.

Doctors from Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center say 51-year-old Ronald Poppo is awake and doing well, but can not see and will need multiple surgeries.  The vicious attack on the homeless man occurred May 26th when 31-year-old Rudy Eugene began gnawing away at Poppo's face as he lay unconscious near a freeway.  Authorities have speculated Eugene was high on a new drug known as  "bath salts."  An Officer shot and killed Eugene.  Doctors revealed yesterday that Poppo was also shot in the chest during the incident. 

Doctors say Poppo has some memory of the attack and is coping well despite the severity of it all.  reports Poppo lost a significant part of his nose, his left eye, has been dealing with infections, a brain injury and puncture wound to his chest.  He's already had three surgeries and is expected to need many more as doctors try to reconstruct his face.  Poppo's right eye has been covered with a flap of his own tissue in hopes of salvaging the eye.

Doctors say Poppo is eating, talking and there's even word he is routing on his favorite NBA team - the Miami Heat.