With every new technology or invention comes a certain etiquette. 

When cars were invented, rules were drawn up for safety and to ensure smooth travel. Things like only passing on the left, right of way, etc.

Facebook is fairly new, and there is certain etiquette people need to follow.

Case in point: This weekend, a family member -- OK, my wife's uncle -- was over, and we took some pictures, whatever.  I posted some pictures on Facebook, and he proceeded to tag someone who wasn't at the party in my photo.

Here's where the etiquette comes into play. It's one thing for someone to tag you in their pictures, or even for you to tag yourself in someone else's pictures, but you DO NOT tag someone who wasn't even involved in someone else's pictures.

I understand what he was doing. He wanted to show that person the photo. That's the idea of Facebook. But people can see the photos their friends. You don't need to point them out; they will see them. If you do want to go the extra mile and show them to someone, use the SHARE button.

And while I'm on a rant...DO NOT TYPE IN ALL CAPS! See email rules on that one. Unless, of course, you mean to scream at everyone on Facebook!