Do you think Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg ever envisioned how far reaching Facebook would be?  The social network has brought long lost friends together, helped police track down criminals, broken up relationships - and now...  a simple "unfriending" has led to jail...

A Florida couple was recently placed behind bars after they allegedly got into a physical altercation over Facebook...  this sounds so crazy...  Thomas Gannon reportedly told police in Hernando County that his girlfriend, Tina Cash, was upset about the state of their relationship so she changed her relationship status on Facebook and "unfriended" him.  The nerve of her!  Gannon says he confronted Cash about the change in her Facebook profile, at which time she began throwing things at him and hitting him with a picture frame.  Cash told authorities that Gannon was also throwing objects, and punched her in the head.  (Alright, not funny anymore... really, throwing things at each other and punching because she "unfriended" him on facebook?)  According to the "St. Petersburg Times," both Gannon and Cash were arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery...  All because she changed her facebook status and "unfriended" him?  And, they admitted this to the cops!  Unbelievable - and embarrassing! 

Has anything bad ever happened to you because of facebook? 

Courtesy of Metro Source