It's probably happened to all of us at one point.  I know it's happened to me.  Sometimes, there are just some things you have no control over.  And when it comes to matters of the heart, those are the ones we have the least control over.

LeAnn Rimes broke down during an E! interview last night (Sunday, 12/9/12) with Giuliana Rancic.  They were speaking of the affair with her now-husband, Eddie Cibrian.    (In case you're new to the story, when they met, LeAnn was married to Dean Sheremet, and Eddie was married to Brandi Glanville.  The affair got ugly, as most do....)  At one point during the interview, LeAnn started crying and said "No one...will ever understand how much thought and hurt, even towards each other, were put into our decision."

On the one hand, I had zero compassion.  My parents divorced after an infidelity, and it took me YEARS to forgive the "guilty party".  YEARS.  While I can still struggle with trust issues, the silver lining is that I have a serious respect for marriage, and the second I find out someone I might be interested in is married or in a serious relationship, it's like I can hit an "off" button on my emotions.  One thing I will not tolerate (from myself or others in my life) is dishonesty and/or betrayal. Just won't happen -- never has, never will.

On the other hand, my heart ached for LeAnn, as I have indeed fallen for "the wrong person"...and that switch from "on" to "off" was a really, really difficult flip.  While you want to serve yourself and your own emotions, you also never want to consciously hurt anyone.  I could identify for the difficult decision they both faced in ending their respective marriages in order to facilitate this new one.

LeAnn alluded to the sense that her relationship with Dean was already pretty shaky, saying "You can't break what's broken already".  I suppose she's right.  But in that case, -- and in my opinion -- you don't move to the next thing until the broken thing is well in the past.

<3 LD