A friend of mine recently shared a video on Facebook aimed at drawing attention to heroin addiction.  You may think it could never happen in your family, but your wrong. 

My friend, Lisa, lost her nephew to heroin addiction...

My nephew/Godson Ryan was an avid hockey player, smart, had a heart of gold and so many friends who he thought the world of. He comes from a loving family but heroin does not pick and choose, it can effect anyone. It only takes one time to say "Yes" to trying a a prescribed drug which can then turn into a Heroin Addiction.

Ryan died in November of 2010. The video below was produced by Ryan's mom (Lisa's sister) and another mother who also lost her son to heroin addiction.  They've started a group called Friends of Heroin Addicts Talk (FOHAT) to share their stories with school children in hopes of saving a life, hopefully many lives.  Their courageous efforts and the video  are dedicated to their boys, Ryan and Matt.