Father's Day this year has both my kid's out of town, Justine in Florida and Joe in Atlantic City. My step kids Colby and Grace each gave me very nice gifts, I will see my stepson Branden later today. I got the rash of social media messages and texts from everyone (thank you). That got me to thinking about my Dad, Al Chille. He and I have always had a great relationship, always close, we have had our disagreements, but they haven't separated us in distance, admiration or love.

I am the oldest of four children.  I have a brother Mike, and sisters Elizabeth, and Annmarie.  We are all very close, something that was always fostered by my Dad, and my Mom.

My Dad while a great father, always stressed that none of us are perfect, but we always need to look out and take care of each other as a family.  This was something that he not only preached, but practiced.

I will always remember once about 15 years ago when my Dad, brother Mike and I went on a "Man-cation" together, none of the "man stuff", just sightseeing, visiting historic sites, going out to eat and lots of laughing...when we get together as a family there is ALWAYS LOT'S OF LAUGHING.

My Dad is now 86 years old.  Still healthy and very active, my step-mom Pat sees to that.  My Dad's Mom lived to 101, so I hope that I will have my Dad for some time to come. I love you DAD!