I loved what Jerry Del Colliano's blog had to say today, and I wanted to pass it on.

If you like how he thinks, look him up. I personally like his #2 response to this age of digital burnout. Every single generation since the beginning of time has had their own distractions they could have chosen. It really is a choice.

I made the declaration a few years back that there will come a new generation that will rebel against technology, just like the hippies of the '60s. This generation might not even be born yet, but one will come.


The fast and free flow of information at our desks, on our screens and in the palm of our hands is advancing a new form of burnout.

Multitasking is not the answer.

Focused attention is.

But life along with personal and work commitments make it tough to put our great digital tools where they belong – as an aid not a lifestyle.