Need to talk to someone, to vent or just chat about life or anything else?

Here's your chance! Get on the phone and chat with none other than Delilah!

My show isn't just about sappy love songs and stories. If you listen for any length of time, you'll realize I welcome all kinds of stories and dedications. I want to be part of the important moments in your life and put them to a song; that's my goal. Here are some more great reasons to call me...

Thank someone.

Brag on someone.

Rag on someone and grant them my unofficial "Dog of the Day" award.

Encourage someone.

Welcome a new family member.

Share a miracle.

Share words of wisdom.

Share a hilarious or embarrassing moment.

Share a celebration or milestone event.

Share something fun like a recipe, gardening tips or staycation ideas.

Share your life dilemma.

I hope you will ponder this list which is just a sampling of great reasons to give me a ring. Let's have a chat when you call 1-888-633-5452. You give me all the gritty good details, we'll talk like old friends and then I'll put your heart in the right place with just the right song...

~ Delilah

What would YOU call Delilah to talk about? Comment below!

Rachel Specht contributed to this post