My friend Maria was talking about a business associate having to travel to lots of different Bills-friendly cities for a work project. When complete "strangers" with WNY roots found out he was coming through their town, they offered up their homes to him so he wouldn't have to shell out for hotels at each stop.

Her immediate comment? "That's SO Buffalo."

When I was at the Allentown Art Festival this weekend, I was drawn to anything that had the buffalo outline (the animal), whether I actually liked the piece or not. I kept saying in my head, "I feel so Buffalo."

Buffalove Apparel

Having come back to WNY after being in the Albany-area for 15 years, I can't help but notice the "Buffalove" movement spreading far and wide.

A friend of mine who moved here 20 years ago from Seattle said there's something about Buffalo that's "infectious". You just can't help love it – the people, the places, the food, the fun!

So fill in the blank: "I'm so Buffalo, I ______".  Anything goes!