First Lady Michelle Obama did more than make a case for her husband last week at the Democratic National Convention. She picked up style points for her Tracy Reese dress – and her unusual choice of nail polish color.

Mrs. Obama went with gray nail polish. Not a color to wear for a serious speech, you’re thinking. Well, Reese herself endorsed the choice, noting that “the sky’s the limit with color.”

Next question: What kind of nail polish did the First Lady use? And where can you get it? That’s a little complex. The White House has reported that she wore Artistic Nail Design Soak Off Colour Gloss in a shade called “Vogue.” It’s a polish that must be “set” with a UV light. But once it’s set, it’s chip-resistant, non-peeling and long-lasting. At $15.95, it doesn’t seem outrageous for special occasions.

Just one problem: You can’t get it in stores or online. Currently, the hottest nail polish in America is available only in salons. But a spokesperson for Artistic Nail Design says they’ll have plenty available to salons in the next few weeks.

Mrs. Obama may have just been following the fashion gurus with her choice. Harper’s Bazaar is just one magazine that came out for what they called the “Dark and Stormy” look.