The 63rd annual Emmy Awards will be broadcast this Sunday night at 8pm on FOX. Let’s take a look back and see who never took one home!

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    While the actors themselves did receive nominations. The show itself never did. On the air for nine seasons, it never received a nod for best comedy. While I was not a huge fan of the show, it was a ground breaking show that brought blue collar comedy to TV.
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    Married With Children

    Starring Ed O’Neil and Katy Segal, and launching the career of Christina Applegate. Neither the show or Ed and Katy ever received Emmy nominations. Ed O’Neil as Al Bundy was my hero. It was a show that had male appeal and he drove my wife nuts, so how could it be bad!
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    I Love Lucy

    While a very old TV show, it is one of the proto type shows from the early days of TV that can still hook you in today, whether you’re young or old. Brilliant comedy with an ensemble cast, lead by Western New York’s own Lucille Ball. Only one actor never received Emmy nominations, and that was Desi Arnaz.
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    Courtney Cox never got an Emmy nod. Her character Monica was a key to this ensemble cast comedy. All her co-stars received nominations, but not her.
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    The Andy Griffith Show

    Oh sure the show got nominated, and Don Knott’s Barney Fife character received 35 nominations over the lifetime of the show. But nothing for Andy! But I bet you can still whistle the theme song to the show!