When it comes to behavior in men there are some things that are universal. No matter who the guy is, we all do the same things that drive women crazy. And we're darn good at it!

So it got me thinking. In this day of smart phones. How handy would it be ladies if there were a bunch of apps you could down load onto his smart phone that would help him become a better person. For example!

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    The " Wife repeats what she told you app"

    Yeah it's true, men don't listen to what you say. It's not that we're trying to be mean, we're just a million miles away! So this app will remind him of what you said yesterday. That way he can never say " you never told me that".

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    The "special occasion app"

    Birthdays, anniversaries, kids soccer games. Men can't remember any of it. So this app prompts him when the date and time comes around and recommends an appropriate gift!

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    The " honey do app"

    The honey do list just got updated. No more paper lists. Now just put it on his smart phone. Matter of fact, you could make it his smart phone wallpaper!

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    The honey I have a headache app

    Totally self explanatory!

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    The "I got hit by a bus app".

    Women worry that if they're every wiped out by an unforeseen accident, that their husband won't have a clue how to run the family. So this app contains everything he will need to know. From how to do laundry to what time the weekly daughter's dance lesson is.