Mothers learn fast.  There are things you NEVER want to be caught without when the kids are with you.  Whether your shopping, at the movies or hanging out at the park, a mother's purse is like a magical bag.  Mom's always seem to know just what the kids will need, before the kids even know they need it!

Five Things Every Mom Needs In Her Purse!

1.  Band-aids:  I learned this after one of my kids hurt themselves when they were younger and I didn't have one.  A simple band-aid can avert what may become a desperate situation with your children.  Kids just seem to move right along once you cover up that "boo boo."  Without it, they can whine for hours. 

2.  Nail Clippers:  Nail clippers can not only snag a hang nail, they can file and snip just about anything.  Nail clippers to a mom are sort of like duct tape was to MacGyver.

3.  Hand Sanitizer:  Ever been to a ballpark or a football field where there's no soap, or worse - no bathrooms?  Need I say more?

4.  Gum/Candy/Snacks:  Don't leave home without a little baggie filled with some sort of snack.  There are worst things than being stuck somewhere with a hungry child, but you can avoid the entire situation with just a granola bar or some cheerios slipped into your bag on the way out of the house!

5.  Tissues/Wipes:  Kids are messy.  Generally, you don't know till the last second when they need a tissue.  Wipes come in handy after all of those snacks!