Have you ever tried to rip open one of those plastic packages many toys come in these days? How about trying to remove the toy after you've gotten the package open. I swear some of these packages were developed by our defense department. I got smart a few years ago and have begun getting a few items ready for Christmas morning that have made my life so much easier.

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    Pliers and Wire Cutters

    Pliers are great for pulling those large staples out of boxes and the wire cutters make removing those toys that are wired into the package a snap.

    Len Schrantz
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    Every year the toy companies come up with new ways to secure the toys into their packages. Over the past few years I've seen some that are screwed into the box. Make sure you have both a phillips and flathead screwdriver ready for action. You may want to have different sizes ready as well.

    Len Schrantz
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    Those clear see-through packages are impossible to rip open with your hands and if you try you stand a chance at slicing your hands open. have a pair of scissors ready. They'll make quick business out of the strongest packages.

    Len Schrantz
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    Everyone knows that most toys require batteries so have a good selection of various sizes on hand so your little ones can enjoy their new toys. The most common sizes are double A, C, and 9 volt.

    Len Schrantz
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    Garbage Bags

    Americans will throw out tons and tons of wrapping paper on Christmas morning. You may want to hit the store and get a bunch of those jumbo sized bags to throw it all into. Also, do the world a favor and take the time to recycle everything you can, cardboard and plastic especially.

    Len Schrantz