Super Bowl Sunday is know for big parties, lots of great food and drink and just an entertaining time all around.  For many folks, it's an annual event planned out well ahead.  If you're a novice as throwing a party for the big game, there are a few things you should know!

1.  Don't even consider having a Super Bowl event without a big screen High-Def TV.  Nobody wants to watch the game on an 18 inch TV with a less than life picture. reports you need at least a 42 inch television.  (Surround sound is a plus too)

2.  Invite people who enjoy the game or at least the commercials!  The more excited folks are about watching the game and/or commercials, the more fun folks are likely to have.  If their not into it, the party could bomb and they may not even stay till the end of the game.

3.  Enough food and drink.  Obviously, this is a given for a party.  Don't cheap out.  You'll want to stock up on a variety of beers, wine and non-alcoholic beverages for your guests.  Asks your party-goers to bring a dish to help out with the food.  Be sure to have pizza, wings and plenty else to munch on the entire game!  Don't wait till halftime to bring out the food! (Red Solo Cups are a bit hit these days too!)

4. Comfortable chairs.  You'll need to make sure every guest will have a cushy chair for the event in which they can easily see the big screen TV!

5.  A plunger. reports this is always a good idea.  There will be plenty of trips to the bathroom, especially at halftime!

Lastly, be prepared to miss some of the highlights yourself.  As a host, you'll be helping your guests find everything they need for a good time.  You'll have fun, but you will likely miss some of the high points!