How many times do you hear people say there’s so much to do here in the summer? Well, we have to pack it all in while the weather’s nice! This weekend enjoy the Eden Corn Festival on route 62 in Eden, NY. This event started out in 1963 as a sweet corn festival and, like an ear of corn, has really grown! I love to fix and eat fresh New York State sweet corn! 

Ways to prepare sweet corn: 

My favorite is the basic way. Drop it in boiling water. Make sure you don’t over cook it! My trick, add sugar to the water for extra sweetness! Then add plenty of real butter (no margarine thank you), salt, and pepper.

 Grill it: Soak the ears with the husk on for 15 minutes. Remove some of the layers of husk, but not all. Brush the kernels with olive oil and place on the grill. Cook slowly for 15 minutes. 

Fire roasted: The same technique as grilling it is used, but I would wrap it in aluminum foil before placing it in a fire or on hot coals. I love to do this while camping and it’s delicious! 

Marinating: best when done on the grill. Soak the corn in water, then pull back the husk and rub on some fresh made Good Seasons Italian dressing.  Replace husks and start to grill! 

Microwave: You can actually do this. Soak an ear in water and microwave for 7-8 minutes. I've never tried it but I hear it works! 

See you at the Eden Corn Festival! Look for the New 96.1 Joy-fm in the parade on Sunday!