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Here's one she answered recently:

Hello Delilah!,

You know something? I don't know why I feel drawn to tell you but I come from a perfect little Christian family. Recently we had a HUGE blow out and it was like we all woke up and everyone hated each other. It really is true that gossip causes division. Your pictures of family and love truly mean so much to me. Your warm spirit- makes a huge impact on people's lives...I have tried making amends for things I didn't even do- and nothing. My heart is broken and it is going to take a long time to heal.

I don't want a pity party...but boy oh boy, these life lessons make your grow up quickly. And from these, you truly become a more compassionate individual.

Love you Delilah!


Hello Perfect Family Member,

You didn't have a "perfect little Christian family", you had a bunch of folks pretending to be perfect, while inside hearts were breaking and anger was festering...now that you have started to all get honest, you will begin to learn what REAL love is, and what it isn't...it isn't being good or nice and tip-toeing around real issues. This year may be hard, but this will be the start of something WONDERFUL, I promise! If you let God do His work, He will reveal the unspoken truths and start to heal your family, and you will be strong in all the broken places. My friend Ruth Graham wrote a book called "In every Pew sits a broken heart" and it is wonderful! Get it and read it!

God Bless, Delilah

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