On Friday (12/7/12) I broadcast live from Tops in Depew for Food2Families.  It was such an inspiration to see Western New Yorkers come out in droves to make donations!

Perhaps most touching was 6 year old Bella from Lancaster (pictured below with the Rudolf nose!), who had been saving up chore money all year long to buy herself something nice.  The night before the broadcast, she told her mom she wanted to donate the $17.68 to kids who weren't as fortunate as she was (that translated to over 102 meals!)  Her message was so powerful that it inspired a woman (who wished to remain nameless) to come down and make a $750 cash donation, which translated to over 4,000 meals!  Western NY....you should be so proud!!!! :)  I know I am!

Here are some pictures from the broadcast, including Bella, and all the other wonderful people like you who made this year a tremendous success!

<3 LD